Our Studio

As a petite practice our clients are our lifeblood which means they will always be able to work directly with the studio’s principal.

Who we are

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Being pocket sized we believe that as a practice we can provide our clients with something a little special, not only a hands-on approach, but fundamentally our fighting spirit and tenacity for a quality outcome within budget. Ultimately we’re not afraid of the “alternative” in a sea of the “standard”. We do “standard” and do it well but remember, next time you’re afraid to share an idea; someone once said in a meeting “let’s make a film with a tornado full of sharks”

We dig that idea

Why we exist

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Simply put, seeing a design come to life gives us more than a warm fuzzy feeling. Typically, it means that your dream (our newly adopted one) is a reality and to be fair; it gives us a little bit of an ego boost. Hey we are Architects after all. We have a grass roots approach with a Prada style mentality, and hopefully that’s a breath of fresh air.

Our philosophy

[Take the M1 + Turn Left]

We understand that sometimes you want the face behind the name, and sometimes you may just want a coffee. We relish a hands-on approach to ensure that all our clients are happy. Architecturally we will always endeavour to be sympathetic to the brief and budget to provide a stellar outcome.

Ultimately, we’re a little different, and we’re kind-of cool with that.

Not just the sprinkles on top

At Tanya Mathers Architecture + Design we believe that all designs are important, irrespective of their type, size and budget and that they should be treated that way. To strive for a quality outcome not only means that we have achieved our objective but also indicates we’ve left our clients happy; and ultimately doesn’t the world need a little extra bit of happy.


Tanya Mathers

Principal Architect


Chloe Edwards



James Kenny

Graduate of Architecture


Mattie Howell

Graduate of Architecture


Rachael Kelly

Graduate of Architecture


Winston Francey

Senior Intern


Marley Mathers

Junior Intern


Mr. E

Future CEO